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Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor

Specialty: Urology
Aventura, Florida
Arnon Krongrad, MD is a urologist specializing in the treatment of prostate cancer and chronic prostatitis. Dr. Krongrad introduced laparoscopic prostate surgery to the United States.  Call for information: 305 936 0474.
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May 06 2011 by ytabraiz

I have developed  a problem that is I am usually get y penis erected in morning and this is happening fo quite  some time

I am a 31 year male

Mar 07 2009 by sailormanbob
I had HIFU in July 2006 and ever since have been dealing with bladder neck constrictures.  I had one TUIP in June 2007, then three TURPs, last one Jan 2009 and I'm scheduled next week for another, March 11th.  I don't feel very confident that this one is going to do the job, but at this point I have no options.  I'm researching the Internet for any possibilites that might help.  Do you have any suggestions?
Jun 30 2008 by Dr. Arnon Krongrad, MD

Just got word from Mike that The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink broke 10,000 visitors in June, its third month of existence.

This is no surprise given that A Note on NOTES brought in over 1,000 viewers in its first 12 hours. Lesson learned: shameless exploitation of sexual innuendo is good for traffic.

Angela reports that The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink social network grew in June. It's so exciting and so hard to keep track of. Talk about pent-up demand!