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New Delhi, India
I am Spiritual but not religious. I am Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy Doctor. I am working for the patients suffering from dreaded diseases. I have started support group (SAI Support Group). Naturopathy , Yoga & Meditation for Gastrointestinal disorder (Digestive Disease): ... Full Bio
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Nov 30 2011 by Paula F
Hi! My brother was diagnosed with Whipples Disease a couple years ago, and is progressively getting worse. He has lost most of his hearing due to his anitbiotic, and is losing sensation now. I would greatly appreciate any advice/recommendations you would have for him. Also, were you the same doctor I saw on Dr. Oz earlier this year? Thanks!
Feb 24 2011 by Mahendra P.

i want to know the advise for my relatives son 120 days , for lab result of liver biopsy- biliary atresia,periportal ductular reaction, fibroplasia and goant cell transformaton of hepatocytes.

pl advice your expert openion on my email id

Feb 03 2011 by Ashraf
how do you advise fot hard and dry stool.
Feb 02 2011 by Jane C.
prednisone & Astaxanthin interaction. I've been on Prednisone for 5 yrs. (PMR). Trying to taper the dosage and am having pain. Sed. rates 52 to 74.  Can I use Astaxanthin ALONG with Prednisone to reduce inflamation?
Dec 29 2010 by Asmita S.
i wanted to have your view on my relative's  MRI scan report as following: THIS MRI STUDY IS PERFORMED ON 1.5 TESLA SCANNER.FINDINGS:-pituitary gland measures 9-10 mm in vertical height in right half with mid retroseller bulge in right half.
Dec 22 2010 by Wanie K.
can you give me 10 intervention for patient have achalasia plz...
Dec 14 2010 by Rumla Kumar
I am having bad headaches and having high blood pressure.  I was tested prolactin and it is very high - 127mg.  What is the treatment and how can iot be cured.
Nov 24 2010 by travelling
Sir i am suffering with chronic anal fissure for nearly 12mths. have used a suppository and cream called neo Healar a herbal medicine. it helps to relieve the problem short term but the moment i have any slightly stressed bowel movement it becomes aggrivated. have seen a specialist and he suggests surgery. am scared of the possible side effect of incontinence. how successful is the internal sphincterotomy surgery
Nov 23 2010 by sebutterfly
i cannot move by bowels at times weeks go bye then a large dose fo laxative are needed doctors say then can not figure out why i donot move bowels
Nov 23 2010 by hemanta

sir i am suffering from chronic pancreatities.

I am not taking any alcohol or drogs.

Every day i am suffering from pain.

Plz tell me the rate of recovery. I am very nervous about my life!!!!!