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Taking birth control pills before an IVF cycle reduces pregnancy rates

Many IVF clinics routinely put their patients on birth control pills ( oral contraceptives)  prior to starting an IVF cycle. This...

Why are so many IVF patients are unhappy with their IVF clinic ?

I just received this email from a patients. " I , AV , 39years along with my wife , BN, 41 years have been married for the past 2...

Managing IVF Failure - a guide for gynecologists from Dr Malpani

This is talk I gave to gynecologists at a Conference on IVF organised by Shivani Scientific recently in Mumbai. IVF failure can be...

Embryo Biopsy for PGD

PGD stands for preimplantation genetic diagnosis, and is an advanced technique which allows us to prevent genetic diseases such as...

When IVF doctors lie

Fortunately for IVF doctors and patients , most IVF cycles go as they are supposed to . The patients grows eggs, these are retrieved;...

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Apr 20 2011 by faubus2011
I am 23 years old. I just found out I am pregnant. I went into the hospital on April 14th and they said my hCG levels were at 25. Well I went back in on April 18th for another blood test and this time it came back 219. I just had my IUD (Merina) taken out on March 23rd. I was wondering if there was anyway to figure out by those number in that period of time if I am having twins.
Mar 06 2011 by eljay12
im a 44 yr old female, ive been suffering with these symptoms for a while but get no answers from my doctor- abdominal pain, sometimes sharp, nausea,bloatedness,needing to pee more often, headaches,insomnia, extreme tiredness,feeling full much quicker than normal, weight gain,severe neck ache, frozen shoulder- had for 2 yrs then went away, came back 2 mnths later, joint pain,feeling of sharp pains in many parts of body, quick pain then goes away
Dec 08 2010 by khan shirin
plz doctor let me know, It is possible to get pregnant with having one patent fallopian tube having HSG test positive and also having ovarian cyst in both left and right ovaries. 

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