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Houston, Texas
They say “When your feet hurt, you hurt all over.”  This couldn’t be more true.  And this is the cycle we strive to break at Tanglewood Foot Specialists. Foot pain can impact every aspect of your day…from the first steps in the morning until you put your... Full Bio
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What Is Your Foot Pain Stopping You From Doing?

We all have our goals and dreams. Some wish to climb Mt. Everest or hike the Appalachian Trail. Others want to run a marathon or triathlon ....

Is Your Kitchen Causing Foot Pain?

There is no question that the kitchen is the center point of the household. How many times do our kids utter the words "I'm hungry" each day...

Don't Ignore a Swollen and Painful Ankle

I saw a longtime patient this week who came in because of a painful, swollen ankle for about two weeks. She didn't remember twisting it, but...

Today is 2011 Diabetes Alert Day!!

Today is the 23rd annual American Diabetes Association Alert Day . It is a yearly wake-up call to Americans to take the Diabetes Risk Test . This...

Can Your Eyes Tell How A Diabetic's Foot Feels?

I just read a very cool article that I just had to share! Researchers at the Queensland Univerity of Technology in Australia have concluded that...
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Jul 01 2010 by Sonia M.

Hi! After last week-end's Mississauga conference in Canada and talk about blogs and tweets here is an interesting article about Fish Pedicures...not sure if it's a phenomenon in US as it appears to be here in Canada...but interesting!



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