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Dr. Alexander Mauskop Medical Doctor

New York, New York
Dr. Mauskop is the Director and founder of the New York Headache Center. He is board-certified in Neurology with subspecialty certification in Headache Medicine. Dr. Mauskop has been conducting research in the field of headaches for over 20 years and has published numerous articles in scientific... Full Bio
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Jun 16 2012 by zonba78
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Dec 02 2011 by yoffier
My 17 yr old son suffers from chroinc intractable migraines for 6 years.  LIve in St. Louis, have seen four neurologists, nothing works.  Who or what would you recommend?
Jun 02 2010 by E.RUIZ

Sir, my fiance, we believe suffers from hemiplegic migraines. She has seen several doctors in South Florida and the treatment she recieved from Dr. Steven Wheeler was unacceptable.

At the end of July she is moving to NY and I would like your help in finding a specialist. I personally can't see her suffer through the seizures. Please sir can you help?

I would first consider seeing Dr. Bajwa in Boston (see an earlier post below) and asking him about Botox and other types of injections.  It is possible that these are not migraines, but another type of headaches.  You may also want to ask him about trying Migralex.
Jan 22 2010 by JMP


I had acoustic neuroma surgery 10.5 years ago and have suffered from chronic migraine headaches ever since.  I've been put on every medication imaginable. A neurosurgeon recommended that I look into the occipital  nerve stimulator.  Would you recommend that and who in the Boston area would I see?


Yes, your husband can come to our clinic.  There are several treatments which can help visual auras, including intravenous magnesium, CoQ10, other supplements, and medications. 
Dec 29 2009 by BethGP

Dr. Mauskop,

My husband is suffering from ocular migraines. He has had them, about twice a year for 30 years but beginning in August he has had them about once a month, sometimes lasting for days at a time. The headache pain doesn't actually come but the visual problems persist. He has gone to neurologists who specialize in eyes but no one can seem to understand what is going on. No one can explain this. Should he come to your clinic?  

I would call Dr. Zahid Bajwa at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston or call Allergan, maker of Botox for a referral.
Nov 10 2009 by

I have had near continuos migraines for 2 years now.  Tried all the meds in the book.  I saw your article on botox.  I was wondering if you know any place that treats migraines with it with it in Mass?  I know its expensive but I want my life back.


Oct 12 2009 by dsnpp
My husband been complaining of dizziness, numbness in his legs, heasdaches, and loses his balance. I had him in the ER and they said they can't find nothing wrong. What could it be? HELP ME OUT!