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Dr. Alexander Mauskop Medical Doctor

New York, New York
Dr. Mauskop is the Director and founder of the New York Headache Center. He is board-certified in Neurology with subspecialty certification in Headache Medicine. Dr. Mauskop has been conducting research in the field of headaches for over 20 years and has published numerous articles in scientific... Full Bio
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Risk factors for migraine aura

Some features of migraine with aura clearly set it apart from migraines without aura. Aura is present in 15% to 20% of migraine sufferers. Most...

Magnetic brain stimulation may relieve migraines with aura

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) seems to be effective for the treatment of migraines with aura. “Spring TMS” device which delivers a jolt...

Frovatriptan (Frova) helps menstrual migraines

Migraine headaches that occur at around the time of menstrual period tend to be more severe and more difficult to treat. Analysis of studies that...

Aspirin is best to prevent migriane with aura

Aspirin is by far the most effective drug for the prevention of migraine with aura, according to Italian researchers from Turin. They reported on...

New treatment offers hope to sufferers with chronic cluster headaches

A new treatment developed by Belgian neurologists was reported to help patients with chronic refractory cluster headaches. The name cluster...

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My 17 yr old son suffers from chroinc intractable migraines for 6 years.  LIve in St. Louis, have seen four neurologists, nothing works.  Who or what would you recommend?
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Sir, my fiance, we believe suffers from hemiplegic migraines. She has seen several doctors in South Florida and the treatment she recieved from Dr. Steven Wheeler was unacceptable.

At the end of July she is moving to NY and I would like your help in finding a specialist. I personally can't see her suffer through the seizures. Please sir can you help?


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