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Dr. Adam Kimowitz, DMD

Specialty: Dental health
Denville, New Jersey
Prior to establishing his career as a Dentist, Dr. Adam was an IT Strategy Consultant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers; working with Fortune 500 Companies. Dr Adam Kimowitz decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and continue over 30 years of tradition and quality his father worked so hard... Full Bio
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I am well - thanks for asking.  First things first - things are often worse in our minds than what they really are.  Of all of the lesions in the mouth I am least concerned with are the white lesions - this doesnt mean that this shouldnt be looked at by an oral surgeon. Often times white lesions can be thickening of the skin the fancy word is called hyperplasia or even when skin changes dysplasia   (very common in smokers) - they can be pre cancerous so you should have an oral surgeon check them out. Please be sure to tell the surgeon about the numbness as well.  The key to treating any abnormality lesions in the mouth is early detection - so please visit your surgeon and let me know what happens. I know this is scary stuff, but odds are you will be ok and this is just a scare. Also -please dont use google or webMD to self diagnose - they often make things seem much than they really are. Please let me know what of luck to you.
May 14 2009 by lisa12jacob
Hi Dr.Adam Kimowitz, How are you? I'm a 38 yr old female. I went to my dentist a few months ago and told him that i think it's numbness i have in my tongue, chin, jaw line and lips. I'm thinking that if it's numbness and i bit my lip or pinched my face i wouldn't be able to feel it.When i do pinch my face or bit my lip i do feel it . I have no pain in my face nor any tingly feeling. Where i have teeth taken out yrs ago. My gums where the the teeth should be are white.My face just feels odd.It doesn't hurt to touch my face,my lips,my tongue or teeth. I do smoke and trying so hard to quit. In my own mind and gut i do think i have cancer.Not a pinched nerve in my neck or face. Could you PLEASE help me. Thanks so much, Lisa

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