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Denison, Texas
Healthcare worker with a change of practice. I now listen to my clients. Helping others make better life choice through my mistakes. Registered Polysomnographic Technologist.(Sleep tech) here to ask advice and maybe share some with others. Building a better website to anser your questions.  
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Another Day

Well it is 6:15 am and my day is ending. Working nights in a sleep disorder Clinic I am no longer in sync with the daytime world. 2 am you will...

My early life as a vegan

My early life as a vegan. My life as a vegan lasted only 6 years. At age 15 told my family owners of a Hog industry I was no longer going to be...

Career Cardiac & Sleep Healthcare worker waking up to poor health.

Sometimes we in the healthcare field need a little push ourselves. For an example let us take a look at me. My career in healthcare spans...

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Jul 06 2010 by Galina C.

hey Doyle! My name is Galina.I can share with you some interesting infor.

How are you? Are you stiil keeping in touch with wellsphere friends? Have a great sunny day!!

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Hey Doyle..hows the fitness & wellness program going. If you need some more boosts & info take a peek at my new blog posts the past week or two. Good inspiration. Have a good week.

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Hi Doyle

Thanks for connecting with me on Wellsphere! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey towards better health - good luck!

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