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"Yes, but they all have different fathers"

Posted Oct 12 2010 5:30am
One of the things I hear a lot about our 4 kids with Down syndrome is that they all look like they "could be mine."  (**they are!!**)  But they mean it to say that they look like the kids could all be biologically related to one another-- all six of them.  Of course, James has his own fun little features, and Brianna hers, Micah has his and Emma has her very own set.  Yet there are some similarities of just luck of the draw (all of our family has blonde hair and blue eyes... so far) and others that the features of Down syndrome tend to make more prominent... like their almond shaped eyes, their cute shorter little arms or their noses that are just too sweet :).

Every once in a while I get asked, with a stare of disdain and a sure-as-anything rude comment in the making that's about to come out of their mouths... if ALL those kids are mine.

I decided that now maybe instead of saying "yes, they are."  Or saying "they all are now..." (My usual and preferred response)... I might just start answering "Yes, but they all have different fathers."  Do you think that would make them think about what a personal question they just asked (and stupid one, in my opinion, because who in their right mind would bring 6 kids to the grocery store on a Saturday if they weren't all theirs?  OH, right, that's us too when we do respite.  Darn!) Really, it doesn't bother me that much, but I still think it would be interesting to see the heads spin if I answered their question with something so outlandish that they weren't expecting that they just don't know how to reply!

Ok, off soap box.  But... really... it's kind of true.  Between our 6 kids there's 4 different fathers.  Three just happen to be adopted and that's WHY :).

They all have just ONE DADDY though :)  And he's the best!
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