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Working Hard With A New Tool!

Posted Jun 25 2010 5:36am
I found a great product for Gavin to use. It will help him to sit up better while he is sitting in his walker. (I used to have to stuff several blankets around him, to help keep him from falling over all the time.) I'm going to try it out in other situations too.....hopefully it will be quite versatile for him. (I might even try it in a shopping cart??) You can find the product here if you want to get more info on it.

Here is a picture of it

As I've said before, Gavin is unable to sit by himself or even have good head control due to the severe stroke/brain injury that he had 3 years ago. His being unable to sit by himself is probably the most difficult thing that I deal with on a daily basis. It's physically hard on me to hold him, because I have to continually use my muscles, just to hold him into a sitting position when he is sitting on my lap. Plus, he has high tone, due to his stroke, which makes him very tight and this makes it even harder to hold him, because his muscles are fighting against me while I'm holding him! Also, it's sad to see your 3 1/2 year old not able to sit up. I hate having to lay him on the floor to play all the time.....he looks so pitiful laying down all the time!

Anyway, Gavin's not being able to sit on his own is seriously the biggest hardship of all to me! I can handle (on most days anyway) all the meds, nebs, his not talking, the doctor visits, etc., but his not sitting usually has me feeling very sad and frustruated.

So, when I found this product in a magazine, I thought it would be very helpful to Gavin and I.

Here is Gavin putting it to good use!

"Oh Man! Mom is making me work again!"

"This is hard work!"

"Hey! This thing is cool! It helps me a lot!"

"This might even be fun now!"

"But, it's still lots of work!"

"But, this pillow thing sure is helpful for when I get too tired out!"

Here is Gavin singing with me, while he works hard

Great job Gavin! You are working so hard!

"I feel like such a big boy and Momma looks so proud of me!"

Momma is very proud of you Gavin! Great workout session today!

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28
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