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Why the double posts

Posted Nov 10 2009 10:02pm
OK so, so far, everything that has happened has been good and easy and able to be shared in public which is why, for the most part, updates have been posted on both blogs. Sorry for the double posts (especially for the few of you getting stuff via email). I'm doing this for 2 reasons... 1: I want everyone who's NOT part of this blog to be able to see as much as possible, and 2: I want everything HERE so the time line is smooth. So later I can go back and read about this adoption process and not have to bounce back and forth between blogs. I hope that makes sense. I hope to continue to be able to post on both blogs... BUT if there's something I can ONLY post here, I will just post a thing on our family blog letting you know so you know to check in over here. As we get closer to our court date, this may very well happen more often. For now, I have to get ready to go meet my daughter! :) That will be on both blogs for sure! Thanks for bearing with me!
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