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Why is the term Down Syndrome used instead of the correct term Down's Syndrome.

Posted by rlynnb

I have been seeing this practice from the NIH to your website. Since this syndrome is named after John Langdon Down's, a British physician it is the possessive tense that should be used. We don't say Alzheimer Disease, we say Alzheimer's Disease; same thing with Dr. Down. This should be corrected.
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"In 1974, a conference at the US National Institute of Health attempted to make a standard set of rules regarding the naming of diseases and conditions. This report, printed in the journal Lancet, stated: "The possessive form of an eponym should be discontinued, since the author neither had nor owned the disorder." Since that time, the name has traditionally been called "Down syndrome" in North America (note that "syndrome" isn't capitalized). However, the change has taken longer to occur in Great Britain and other parts of Europe."
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