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Where We've Been, What We've Been Doing

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

I sort of dropped off the blogosphere there for a couple weeks. Heck, since last year! There was no intention behind my wee hiatus, but I guess we have been busy.

Since we last "chatted" Georgia turned three, she stopped services with our Infants and Toddlers program, two feet of snow dumped on our heads, we celebrated Christmas, brought in the new year by eating homemade pizza and watching Gone With the Wind (over two nights), and this week, the biggest news, Georgia started big-girl school! She's riding the bus and everything.

Be still my heart!

It feels like we play the hurry up and wait game so much that when we do get whisked up into a new adventure it can sometimes come as a surprise even though we were completely expecting it! I went into meet with the principal, teachers and therapists at the school on Monday, and on Tuesday I drove Georgia into school (for the record, day one was not good for ANYONE, and I'll admit it here for the world to see...I sobbed as I walked away from the building while Georgia sobbed inside (Rainer, for what it's worth, also cried, but not because we left Georgia--in fact, he was laughing as we left the building because the noises I was making as I cried sounded funny to him--the bugger!) Wednesday I drove her in and there were no tears (from any of us!), but you should have seen the brave little look she was giving me when I turned back to peek as I was walking away--nearly broke my heart! That day she took the bus home for the first time (and arrived all smiles) and today she took the bus in and back home again--she even came home with a permission slip for her first class trip!

Exciting times, these. And I admit, it is odd to send my non-verbal gal off everyday. She comes home and I basically know nothing about her day. We have a communication notebook with the teacher, but they haven't written any novels in it yet!

Anyhow, we're adjusting, and Rainer is REALLY enjoying the alone time he is getting with mum--we started Music Together today and I have to say, he doesn't seem to enjoy it in the same WAY as Georgia, but he does like it, and he IS a wee bit of a nerd. There's just something about these nerdy little faces he makes. I love it! The kid wears his every thought and emotion on his sleeve!

If you are still checking in with us, please check back much sooner than two more weeks. I plan to torture you with some pictures of the last several weeks' activities and milestones and after that I will be back up and running, hopefully with a little more content and less "Where we've been" type stuff.

To tide you over, look at my wee gal getting on the bus!



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