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When your eyes just swell with tears of pride

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:07am

When Nash was small, ok, smaller, about "Gymboree" size, I often wondered how he would do in gymnastics. I was a gymnast until 2nd year in college when I found a social life. So with my interest, and Nash's flexibility, I am thinking, hey, what a great gene mesh!

Flexibility is a hallmark of having Down syndrome, but unlike those with regular 46 chromosomes, flexibility is not encouraged. Thus said, children with Down syndrome start physical therapy at a very early age. Nash started at 3 months of age.

As our favorite internet pediatrician, Dr. Len Leshin states states, the purpose of physical therapy is not to accelerate the rate at which the child with Down syndrome achieves his gross motor milestones, it is to help the child avoid developing abnormal compensatory movement patterns that are common ways of adjusting for hypotonia (decreased muscle tone), increased flexibility in their joints and decreased strength in their muscles.

So, attending a birthday party for 4 year olds Sunday at a local gymnastics club was exciting for me, as entering a gym club brought back many "chalk" memories........memories of hip bruises, calouses and rips on your hands from the bars, and aching muscles. But still good! I still had anxiety going to the club as Nash is completely included in a "typical" preschool class. We know he keeps up pretty well, but wow, in a gymnastics club with foam pits, tramps and rings with belts? Guess what, he not only had a blast, kept up, he led the group on the trapeze!

Here is the party gang warming up. Big Dawg is in the orange, and to his right is the Nashman warming up........hmmmmm looks like a great straddle stretch to me!

Nash jumping into the pit video.

Just hanging out - he let go this time and landed in the pit!

The gang leader waiting

And the best, Nash leading the gang at the rings video here. You usually have to download it then it runs smooth. He did let go right after the video ended thank god or we would have had to send the Big Dawg out there.

Too much fun!
And yes, the official classes will start in December, god help them

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