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What to do with the baby-free time???

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:13pm

Our new sitter is over for a couple hours today--just to get to know Georgia a little, just to get to know about her routines and likes and dislikes. You forget how much there is to TELL about your child's different quirks (i.e. she can only drink a bottle lying down, she will throw herself back when you give her the bottle so make sure she has a pillow there, she doesn't walk or talk, but these are some signs she knows, she can't chew hard foods, etc...).

Also, when you are dealing with someone who is NOT a mom, even though they may have a lot of experience with kids, they are not as..."sure" yet. You know? I remember babysitting when I was younger and being so nervous the kid would CRY in front of the parents when I tried to get their pants on. I think this girl is a lot like I was...a little shy. She's great though! She's very personable and she's been sitting on the floor playing with Georgia for an hour. Georgia's loving the attention. They just went out for a walk.

Trust me, I know I should be doing something with this time other than blogging. But the time alone--it's such a luxury! I keep thinking I don't deserve it, we can't afford it, I could easily (kind of) be doing stuff on my own...or at least successfully putting it off. But I have to remind myself, it's about getting to know our sitter and she us. It's about building up a relationship for the future when we REALLY REALLY need it!

And let me tell you...I used that first hour to the max!! I can't believe how many things you can do in an hour when the kiddo is otherwise occupied--and Georgia is LOVING all the attention. Our sitter--A--has a real gentle demeanor and Georgia is NOT shy or nervous around her at all. She's being all smiles (except of course, when it comes time for diaper changes...she doesn't like those and flips all over the place trying to get away).

I have thoroughly cleaned the bathroom (including mopping the floor), I have my second load of laundry in, I straightened up our bedroom (which is full of Sir Baby's stuff while we paint his room), and I sorted all the recycling. I also chatted with A a little bit. I was going to use this time to paint more in Sir Baby's room, but I painted a bit yesterday (with a mask) and I started to get too nervous about it. I got a good portion of the trim primed. The whole double window, half the floor trim and the closet door, but I am not comfortable doing the rest and I guess I have to designate that as Alex's job. I sanded it though and I am willing to put up the painter's tape, so hopefully he won't be too upset--he HATES painting!!

Oh. And what is it about not having your car that makes you want to go out and do things in it?? The car is still in the shop today. Actually...grrr...Alex picked it up yesterday only to have to turn around and bring it back. They didn't do ALL the work we needed to have done for the inspection. Some kind of miscommunication. I just hope we don't end up paying an arm and a leg for this next part of the job. I thought we were getting a good break, now I am not sure what will happen.

OK. Now how to fill the next 45 minutes while I have baby-free time. Maybe a shower??? How extravagant!

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