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what should I expect from my 5 year old granddaugher with down syndrome as far as speech, the potty training, behavioral??

Posted by mal

My beloved granddaughter is 5 years old and babble a lot and has a very limited vocabulary.  She is not potty trained.  She seems to have a problem listening to basic commands.  Some times she does them and other times, it is as though she does not understand.  We thought she had a hearing problem, which she did, so tubes were put into her ears. 

 I have never known anyone with down syndrome and I don't want to expect too much from her too soon.  I also would like to know if someone knows of a school in the Columbus Ohio area that specializes in down syndrome children. 

 I need some information so that I can help by beautiful angel reach her full potential.

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I have an awsome soon to be five and he  is potty trained and wears boxers. He even goes by himself, cleans and flushes. I am so proud. I had him trained since he was two but he didn't walk properly and of course didn't talk. I made a routine  about half an hour after he eat and put him pn a kid seat on the grown up toilet. He  did his thing. Even at the doctors  they were amazed. Then at three when he started school. The teachers reversed all my training. He even ended sleeping with me , something he never did  as a baby. Anyway I got tired so this past july I kept him in the house most of the time without underwear and took him at intervals of 20mins to half an hour. It was frustrating at first because I would just bring him back from trying unsuccessfully and he would do it on the floor, untill about  after a week he did it while I was with him. Since then he either comes to me and say "Pee Pee" if he feels like it or I hear him flushing. He even knows  which one is the cold water faucet and washes his own hands. I am so proud of him. Give  your granddaughter her full potential she deserves it and will do great.  Liam is so much fun. The teachers said they cannot compare him with any other kid. he is so pleasant and helpfu. I  tried to educate him from birth, I never treated as anything but normal and it worked. Your granddaughter wil be great.


Faye wu

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