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What's Your Story?

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:15am

Everyone has a story about 9-11! Some lost family or friends, others had close calls, and others remember just where the were when they heard the news. As for me, we had a close call. Jeremy's cousin (on his dad's side) was a stewardess on American Airlines Flight 11 (The first plane that struck the twin towers)! Only Allison was on vacation that week. All of her roommates died in the attack. Way too close for comfort!

So where was I when I heard the news? I was working as an LPN in an allergist's office in South Florida when my husband at the time, Jason (Gabi's dad) called me to tell me that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. I have to admit. I wasn't that shocked. After all when I first heard it, I thought that maybe it was a small plane and that it had only affected a few people. I didn't realize the significance of it all. Then a few minutes later, Jason called me again. This time he told me another plane had hit the twin towers and that he seen it happen on TV as it happened. I knew something wasn't right, but tried to rationalize it with that they must have been replaying footage of the first crash. I think it was after we heard there was still another plane missing that I went ahead and instructed him to go pick up Jeremy (who was 8) from school just to be safe. Gabi (who was only 22 months) was already home with him.

I entered my patient's room to start doing allergy testing on him, and I mentioned the news to him. We continued to talk about it, and soon discovered that this gentleman's mother was on a flight at that very moment coming from overseas. He was obviously distraught.

To those who lost someone they love on this day 7 years ago, just know that I haven't forgotten! And to all of those serving in our Armed Forces and to the spouses that serve as their support system, Thank you!! And to my parents who have took many years to overcome the negative significance of 9-11 to the whole country, Happy Anniversary! I hope you are celebrating the good of this day this year!

So now tell me, What's your story???
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