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What's this???

Posted Jan 28 2010 12:00am

Okay, I do NOT want to go borrowing trouble. But I've noticed something new and strange about Finn recently. His eyes will kind of roll back, almost like he's looking at the ceiling, but without moving his head, and he seems a little . . . vacant. I've only noticed it maybe three or four times over the last few days, and each time it's lasted no more than a second or two. Somewhere in the back of my mind, when I've noticed it I've been slightly concerned, but not terribly. But this afternoon, Michael noticed Finn doing it - just for a second. I hadn't even mentioned it to him, but he saw it and described to me exactly what I have noticed and he even said "It's like he wasn't there for a second or two."

Now I'm a little scared, now that both of us have notice the same exact thing. Could this be seizure activity?? This is one of my greatest fears for some reason. I know nobody who reads this can tell me anything definitive, but I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar with their own child.
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