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what is good to feed a baby for breakfast that is high in calories but a small portion

Posted by jasons mom

My son is able to eat now after 2 years of a feeding tube and i dont know what is good to feed him for breakfast. I have to make it have at least 240 calories but he is new at this and doesn't eat a lot. Any suggestions?
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as a feeding therapist this is a frequent issue I come across. If your son tolerates milk based products I recommend making a shake/puree out of fresh fruit, yoghurt and Carnation Instant Breakfast. Yoghurt and the powdered mix are high in calories and you add the fruit to get vitamins in, Remember banana constipates, apple aids digestion (if you use apple or banana you can also add peanut butter or almond butter). Avoid fruits that have skin and seeds, such as blueberries and strawberries.

Have him eat something crunchy afterwards to facilitate self feeding.

Silke     Pediatric OT, Feeding Therapist, Mom to ex-preemie in California 

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