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What I Found in my 5 Year Old's Diary

Posted Apr 23 2013 12:00am
One of my friends posted this article on her Facebook page. I read it with some skepticism. I mean, really?! How concerned do you have to be about your 5 year old and what they're writing in their diary? I remember my first diary... I was probably about 5 or 6. It was red and had Hello Kitty on it and the pages inside were pink and had pretty designs on it. It too had a lock and key and made me feel SO important. I remember writing about school in there and writing the names of my friends... Michelle, Jennifer, Katrina, Myndi... I do not remember plotting to take over the world or kill anyone. Just sayin'.

My 5 year old doesn't keep a diary, but I don't ever have to wonder what he's thinking, because he talks All. The. Time. Whether we want him to or not. Most of the time this happens very emphatically and loudly. Sometimes while stomping his feet and saying that life isn't fair and that his big brother is mean! But that's a different story for a different day.

Kennedy, on the other hand, does have a diary of sorts. It's not under lock and key, and she doesn't hide it from us, but we find her writing away in its pages on almost a daily basis. When she sees one of us touching it usually one of her brothers she will point her finger at the offender and say, "Don't touch my book!" and the book is dropped in its place.

No books were touched in the taking of this picture
Sometimes we do get permission to peek into her mysterious book... I've seen lists of spelling words, pictures of kitty cats, drawings of her baby dolls and professions of love for each of us in the family... and yes, sometimes even for Justin Bieber. Who may as well be part of our family as often as he's talked about around here. I see dancers dancing and pictures of flowers and drawings of houses... all the things I used to dream of when I was a little girl (just replace Justin Bieber with Jordan Knight. *ahem*) For sure, words are mispelled and some long sentences are scribbled, and there are some things that no one would be able to make sense of at all... But at 8 years old, I've never felt the need to spy or worry about what Kennedy is writing in her book. They are her dreams, her words, her thoughts.

And when she chooses to share them with us, I take the time to look.

The rest of the time...

I don't touch her book. ;)
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