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what are the chance of a baby being down syndrome if it has VSD?

Posted by pinocchio

The doctor told me that the VSD is very minor however he said since the "baby" also has a persistent right umbilical vein (that is not effecting the baby) and had a echogenic foci (that dissapeared already by the 7th month), what are the chance of having a down syndrome baby?
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RK Patient Expert

Congratulations on your precious baby!! There's not really any great equation that I know of related to the chances of having a baby with DS when these issues present themselves.  What did your doctor say? Usually if those markers, such as VSD and the foci, show up, they give you some information as to what they feel your calculated risk is.

I will say that about 40% of kids with DS have some kind of heart issue, some needing surgery and some that correct themselves.  My daughter had a fairly major heart defect, but she had open-heart surgery at 3 months old and has been perfectly healthy ever since.  So please know that neither a diagnosis of DS and/or a heart issue is the scary thing that many think it can be. 

Feel free to ask more questions if you have more concerns. But I would recommend that you ask your OB if he has any info about calculating your risk. 

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