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Well firstly I do realise a lot ...

Posted Mar 18 2010 12:41pm

Well firstly I do realise a lot of my readers are American, though I do have a lot of readers from all around the world. You would think that most of my readers would be British but in the US I imagine that when people meet they say, 'Hello, I'm so and' whereas here I reckon much of the population in the UK still would say, 'Whatever is a blog?'. We're not technologically behind, we all use facebook (except the Mr ., who opposes it theologically) and twitter and mobile phones... so we'll get there.

With that said, it was Not Me that in November received an email from a friend in the US mentioning Thanksgiving and realising it was on a Thursday and this WAS Thursday quickly rushed to send out egreetings to the friends I have in the US apologising for being late in my 'warm wishes' on Thanksgiving.

It was also Not Me that then noticed after the first few I sent that the date on the egreeting site for Thanksgiving was more than a week away. Sigh... and well, it also was Not Me that then the following week didn't even give it a second thought so all those wonderful and warm wishes never were sent. That reminds me, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.

Have I mentioned? We don't actually celebrate Thanksgiving here in Old Blighty. No, though some may be glad to be shot of them, the original 'Pilgrims celebrating their new world' thing is an American tradition, not shared throughout the world.

So, just weeks after this palaver and after roughly five weeks of blogging/facebooking/tweeting 'Put a bauble on YOUR blog' and other such blingy bloggy things about the Christmas Angel Tree on Reece's Rainbow (and still more time if you consider the time back when I designed the baubles) it was Not Me that learnt in a conversation with another American friend, Richard that people in the US don't actually know what a bauble is. Bauble is apparently a British word for Christmas Tree Ornament, and whilst we do also call them ornaments, this sort of ornament is considered a bauble... here... in the UK anyway.

So, just WHAT did people think I was offering them when I was promoting the 'bauble for your blog' promotion? Wait, don't answer that. This is a family blog...

But WAIT! It is also Not Me that is asking everyone that reads this post to PUT A BAUBLE CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT ON YOUR BLOG!

Because, that would just be cheeky!


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