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Well Child Check & Antelope Island pics

Posted Apr 09 2013 4:40pm
Max had his 4th yr well child check this morning with Dr. Durham. He weighed in at 38 pounds and is 40 1/2 inches tall. Which means he gained about 5 pounds and 3 inches in the last year. This puts him at 68% for height and 56% for weight on the growth charts, which is actually pretty big for a kiddo with Down syndrome.
So two kindergarten shots (figured we should do them now as its still takes 3 of us to hold him down, and he's only getting bigger!), and blood taken for the annual thyroid, vitamin something, and two other something tests (they'll call me with the results, so I don't have to remember, right?). I couldn't even reward him with fries, because McDonald's doesn't serve lunch that early ;( Poor guy.

We also got him some antibiotics for a probable sinus infection (yep, his teachers called me to come get him from school his first day back from spring break, cause the kid had green snot... again.) So maybe now we can kick this cold that's been going through the family for the last 5 weeks or so. Max missed most of school last month, and both his ST appointments up at Shriners.

Despite our crappy colds, & pink eye, & ear infections, we took a trip to Antelope Island a couple weeks ago. I used a bunch of the pictures in the WDSD video I did, but never posted them, so here they be

We saw lots of buffalo!

Max had a ball running and running and running. And it was great because there were no cars or many people, and if he fell in the lake, well, he'd float - 'cause it's the Great Salt Lake.

Following his shadow...

His pants kept falling down, partially because his diaper was so soggy. So I finally just took the diaper off, but then he peed on me and his pants, and well, his pants still wouldn't stay up ;)

And just seeing these pictures reminds me how thankful I am for all that Max CAN do. His biggest strength is gross motor. The boy can run! I know so many who can't even walk, or can walk, but are very unstable. Everyone has their challenges. Max's is communication. But looking back at yesterday's post, he really is doing well in most of the other 'milestone' areas. Sure, I get kicked in the face every time I change his diaper, but again, it's because he's so dang strong. And I need to dwell more on the positives these days!
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