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Wednesday's Weekly Weigh-In

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:18pm

This is my first weigh in after starting my diet last Thursday, November 8th. This week I have lost 8.5 pounds! That's a great start! I have been following Weight Watchers, and I am really sticking to it and making some wise choices about what to eat and what not to. Ryan has lost 5 pounds (I don't know how he pulled that off!?!), and Jeremy is the same weight.

First, let me tell you some of my motivations in getting this diet started. First, of course, I want to look better. Then, my clothes are getting too tight once again, and I refuse to buy another size bigger! Then, there is the swelling in my ankles that I have been experiencing several times a week. Also, I have a significant familial medical history of obesity, heart attacks, and type II diabetes mellitus. And how about that I want to get my Gabi riding a 2-wheeler without training wheels next summer. I surely couldn't run beside her bike holding on at this weight! It's been hard enough trying to keep up with her right now at the very early learning stages with training wheels. Then, there is also that part of me that knows if I am eating better, then my family is too. My oldest, Jeremy, has been thinning out in the recent years...some due to growth... some due to more activity, but he needs to shed probably another 20-40 pounds to be at a healthy weight. Then, my husband, Ryan's cholesterol would improve as well if he is eating more of the right kind of foods.

My goal weight is 160 pounds. That may seem like a lot of weight to some of you, but I reached 160 pounds about 17 years ago. I was very comfortable with myself at that weight. I was doing Weight Watchers then, too. And I was exercising daily (sometimes several times a day). My body was so healthy that I could feel it. I had even worked myself up to high impact aerobics and could keep up. Okay, I'm not going to shoot for that intensity of exercise as a goal because I was in my very early 20's then, and hadn't had kids yet either. So there I was a healthy 160 pound early 20's young woman who was wearing a size 9. So, what happened? I actually kept it off for over a year. Then, I found out I was pregnant with Jeremy. Boy oh boy, pregnancy always has thrown my body for a loop. I was so nauseated all the time and so tired all the time. The nausea was usually better just after I ate. So, I ate a often, and I slept often. I gained just over 40 pounds with my pregnancy with Jeremy. That was still 20 under what I was when I had started. But a few months after that pregnancy, I started gaining again. With each subsequent pregnancy I weighed more at the beginning than the previous. I never gained as much with Gabi and Preston. I actually only gained 7 pounds with Gabi and 13 pounds with Preston, but as with my first, I started gaining again within a couple months afterwards.

So, anyhow, here I am on this journey to make my life healthier. I know I can do it, and I know there will be obstacles. I just have to remember the days I do get defeated by my temptations to pick myself, dust myself off, and start again. Just as I would tell my daughter as she learns to ride that 2-wheeler.

I have also found a couple products that have made this journey a bit easier, too.

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Wish Bone Salad Spritzers ~ Asian silk = 0 points for 10 sprays
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Kraft Free Cheddar Cheese = 1 points for 1/4 cup
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See you next week with less of me!
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