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Urgently summoned

Posted Nov 17 2012 6:41am

The these days rainstorm constantly, the Li village director of Lao Li too busy. Has been busy the afternoon, he hurriedly rushed to the village office, and was about to the town call reporting danger, just when the phone rang, then, is Liu Zhenchang call, Moncler Maglione said: "talk of the town, you immediately into the town to the county Secretary Dominic WONG, be quick! "

Old Li Gang said the word is busy, Liu Zhenchang interrupted him, saying: "I do not care, I'll give you an hour's time, you are sure to be rushed to the town." Had finished speaking, the mayor hung up the phone.

The talk of the town thought that Mr WONG and Zancun of a knot in helping pair, the weather is so bad, personally ran, there must be a very important thing, otherwise it would not be so anxious to see him. If not for the rain disaster to send condolences, said last pen poverty alleviation exhausted to!

I think so, very excited to hear his name.

Childhood Licun ride to the town have been ten minutes is enough, but the heavy rain washed off the road embankment, and can only walk. Though not too far away, can the middle to cross a river, and these days the river surged flood inundated the deck. The talk of the town to find a long pause only then bridge position to recognize them, he tentatively took two steps, the river to the waist, he was shocked, the pace of a slip, body storm wrecking his eye grassland the river, grabbed a clump of weeds. Just then the old hilltop in the village to the river to find lost pigs at home, see this talk of the town looks like a big surprise, and hurried to find the root thicker branches talk of the town took up.






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