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(Upside down question mark--Martha, do you know how to do that one?) Donde esta mi amor?

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:51pm

The wind is whipping through the eaves and it sounds like elephants!

Alex slept in the living room last night because I have been sleeping terribly, and though I felt guilty and missed him I have to say I finally got a relatively good night sleep...something that made me feel MUCH more chipper this morning. I don't want him to get in the habit of that though--and for the record, it was of his own volition...I woke up in the middle of the night and he had relegated himself to the couch. Now, granted, I DID ask that he be super extra careful quiet when he came to bed last night so as not to wake me--and the fact that I have been a bear in the mornings probably doesn't help--and true, I only tried for about .34 seconds to get him to come to bed when I realized he was sleeping (in all his clothes, the love) on the couch last night...but still...I don't want it to become a habit. I love my man and all his wacky night noises, furnace box, weird half-sleep conversations, to be with me in the night.

It's my weekend I shan't have to worry so much about sleep. In fact, after coming back from the tire shop where they fixed the rattly driving of my vehicle with a simple rotate and balance, I took a luxurious nap with the pup. It's been so rainy and ick out all week that all I've wanted to do has been take an afternoon nap and today I got my wish.

Alex is off administering an exam at school--at least, I THINK that's where he is. I expected him about 45 minutes ago, so I am hoping the exam ran don't want to KNOW how a pregnant gal's mind works though...such paranoia! I am always reminded of my friend's mom who lost her husband when my friend was only 6 months in the womb. When Alex is late and I can't reach him by phone, I go into a bit of a panic. Maybe it's time for the family plan cell phone?

Not to mention they captured a robber this morning. Doesn't the phrase "capture a robber" sound funny? Or old fashioned or something? It's like when someone says "So and so takes drugs." Takes drugs?! I love that! So funny....

Anyway, a dude who has robbed several banks and convenience stores all within walking distance of our house got caught shortly after robbing yet another gas station--someone got a little too big for his britches, I s'pose...but yeah, the gas station is the one we walk to when Alex needs his coffee fix, so I'm none to happy about that.  And guess who the dude is? Our neighbor! Not someone we know, he lives in the apartment complex across the street...but still! They had to evacuate the people around his apartment because he was considered armed and potentially dangerous--woot woot! Here's to leaving New Haven (where this was commonplace) to move to the Quiet Corner!

Sheesh. Enough of that. Where's my man?

Post Script (15 minutes after posting the original post):

Ok so I worked myself up into such a lather over my missing man that I tracked down the phone number of the gal who's office is next door to his and called her to see if she had seen my man. Ok, so I am a totally big freak-out pregnant loser, but I was seriously starting to sweat! I even ran to the door at one point thinking I'd heard him coming home (thus thoroughly perturbing the dog) only to find an empty stair-landing. Oh! The thoughts that can go through your head..."He'll never see his daughter..." "I'll be all alone..." My baby won't have her daddy..."

Well...lo and behold, the kind gal I called sought him out and it's true, he had simply given his class an extra hour on the exam...maybe I am crazy, maybe I'd agree. But I just want my man at home.

sigh. I hope I didn't embarrass him too much...

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