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update on Sam...

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:46am

Well today is day9of Sam refusing to put weight on his left leg. We are all stumped. Over the past week he has had x-rays of his foot, ankle, knee and hip (still waiting to hear back about the hip and knee) but so far everything looks fine... no fractures, no cracks and soft tissue appears to be intact. He is not in any pain but he will not put his foot down. There is no swelling or any other indication of a problem. Sam does not have the cognitive ability to "fake it" or to really keep this act up for such a long time... something is definitely not right but so far we have no clue what the problem could be. The pediatrician's most recent thought is that it could be a problem with his hip.... I hope to hear back from her soon after she get the reports back on all the x-rays. Our next step is to see a specialist and possibly an MRI... because everyone agrees that something is wrong, it is Sam so that something could be anything and because everyone is stumped. In the mean time Sam is still walking on his knees and crawling just fine... he just won't stand or weight bear on that left foot. Otherwise he is just as happy and naughty as always. 

Sam is wearing the T-shirt that he tie dyed at school for their4thofJulycelebration and parade.  I think he is quite proud of it and says Noooooooo when I try to take it off.  He can wear it all he wants as far as I am concerned :)

*** on another note***
Sam's surgery is scheduled for August 21st.  He will have 3 procedures done... if he has to go under anesthesia we try to get as much done as possible at one time.  So he will have his ear tubes replaced and ears cleaned (he has gunk behind the ear drum)... then he will have his hydrocele reparied...AGAIN!  Yes it is very rare to have a hydrocele (extra fluid around the testicle) re-occur after it has been surgically repaired but well that is Sam for you...and then to finish things up the dentist is coming in and pulling a bunch of teeth, capping his molars (because he grinds) and doing a really good cleaning.  The whole thing should take about 2 hours and 15 minutes and then once he is awake we can take him home.  

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