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Posted Nov 15 2012 6:26am

Unity is a kind of strength, unity is one kind of hope, unity is a way out, unity is also a kind of rely on.


Today, the teacher gave us asked a wonderful longchamp bag problem: unity is what? I haven't been able to come out, back to home I have been thinking about this problem.


I run out and hope to find the answer from the outside.


In my scratching their heads, I saw a group of bread is carried small ants. All the little ants in the lift a big bread. This scene makes me be suddenly enlightened - right! Unity is not a kind of power? Many weak strength together to become a powerful force. This as they say "an ant can only took up a tiny bit of bread slag, ten ant can lift a small piece of bread, and one hundred ant can lift a piece of bread. One thousand ant can lift a desk, ten thousand ant can lift a bike, one hundred thousand ant can lift a car, one hundred million ant can lift a supersized trucks. Thought of here, I'm glad to run back to the home.


But as I exaltation, the new problem appeared again. The teacher to make us think more about several, I just come up with a kind of how it, see the "Charlie nine world - demon infirmary" ha ha! It's not, I have a new found - unity or a hope! In "Charlie nine world - demon infirmary," ink many, Charlie, YaoTingTing, helped you, tiger shark. Trapped in the tower, the other way are all blocked. Their only way out is "falling stone floor". Their hope is in the unity on the. They rely on Charlie clever mind. You help the magic box. And every man's specialty, finally escaped from the tower. Thought of here, I'm glad to let out a cry: "Yes! And come up with a". Yes, unity is a kind of hope.


But not enough! The teacher let we want to 3 kinds of above! And I just want to two. Just at this time, I saw the television broadcast of the wise men invincible "many different organization people trapped in a pit. They together, to a direction attacks, fight our way out, Sally out.Yeah unity or a way out.


A difference of the last one. I saw an article "power" can't help eyes brush to a bright, I think - in the power "in the article, the fox only clever mind, there is no damage. But with the wolves, black bear together. Relying on the unity, was a great interests. For the unity is also a kind of rely on!


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