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Ultrasound was this morning :)

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:10pm
And the little babe looks good! Actually, both Mike and I (and pretty much everyone else who has seen the photo that we were given) are completely amazed at how this baby is no longer a jellybean, but in 4 weeks time... is a baby. Seriously, there's no "what's that?" needed on this ultrasound picture. Perfect facial features, arms with shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers... legs with all the joints and feet with toes. What an amazing Miracle God works in the creation of a child inside of their mother... I am in awe...

Knowing, too, that the measurements we had done today are often used by families to determine whether they will carry their baby to term- or not- is so hard. The measurement was for the nuchal translucency which is basically the skin on the back of the neck or fattytissue there. It is an indicator of a chromosomal anomaly and was the only thing we had which said to us that Brianna may have a chromosomal issue. We weren't even thinking Down syndrome (nor were the doctors) when she had it done.Anyway, this test is often the first of 3 done to determine whether or not a family will carry the baby... This, the "Quad" (or is it a quint now?) screening, and then finally an amnio if the family so chooses.Of course we had the screening done today just to give us a better indicator of the overall health of the baby since I am now at a higher risk for having a second child with Ds (VERY SMALL, but higher than someone else that's 27 and hasn't birthed a child w/ Ds). If there had been any indicators we would be checking more on the vital organs to keep an eye out for any difficulties and may decide to deliver at a hospital that has a NICU rather than our local hospital where our other biological kids were born.

This perfect little body, formed fully in the image we have of a baby. Only 12 weeks after beginning the formation (and if we get technical, only about 10 weeks after conception really...)


I'll try to post the photo later- got to run for now
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