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Ugh, people can drive me crazy......

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:48am

You know with all of this talk about the new prenatal testing that came out on the 31 of December, I have come to realize that there are sooo many people out there who are so insensitive and just do not care about anyone but themselves.

Now I know that having a child with Down Syndrome is absolutely amazing, and guess what? I knew this Before I had Rhett and even before I got pregnant with him!!! But I also know that some days can be very difficult. It can be very draining both financially and emotionally. Epically when they have the heart problems like Rhett did. Some days you really wish that you could just take all of the pain away. But you wanna know something? I feel that way about all of my kids, not just the one with Down Syndrome.

You see the thing that gets me, with all of these women that abort their babies, is what would happen if they had a "normal" baby who was say 5 years old, and was in an accident somehow, and became disabled, would they just say, oh, I don't want to deal with this, just give her something to make her die so that we can move on. I really don't see anyone doing that, AND, in society this would be MURDER.

So, why in the heck is it ok to do it to a baby? This baby has every chance at life that anyone else, and it is simply not fair to this child to be denied the chance at swimming, dancing, or eating a Popsicle on a hot summer day. Who cares if they have a disability, this is still life that we are talking about, and if God did not intend for these kids to be here, He would not have created them.

Our Down Syndrome children may have a few "flaws" on the outside of them, but on the inside they are perfect souls who are going straight to heaven, there is no standing at the gate on judgement day. They will get there, and have a huge band of angels waiting for them, and the gates will be wide open.

Having Rhett has made me want to be a better person, because I am not going to let him bask in God's glory alone, I want to be there right along with him. I want to teach my other kids that they need to be better people too, so that we can all be together forever.

This stupid prenatal test reminds me of Hitler and his "idea" of a "perfect" race. Who's to say that these beautiful children are not the ones who are perfect, and maybe they are the ones that reflect what God looks like. Maybe WE are the ones who are "flawed." Did anyone ever stop to think about that one?

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