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Try to remember and if you remember...Then follow, follow, follow!

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:45pm


September to me, feels like relief. I don't want to kid myself into thinking we won't have more hot days down here in the mid-Atlantic. I mean, it was pretty hot yesterday even. I have yet to experience a fall down here and I am sure we have our fair share of hot days at least through this month. But I remember coming down in November last year to start looking at the area when we decided we'd move here and thinking, "Wow! It's STILL autumn!" It had already been snowing in Vermont and the leaves here had yet to fall! It was beautiful and I am hoping for the same this year.

Even if it does get hot, when it's hot in September it feels like something you can handle. You know you don't have months more of it, just days, perhaps a week. Alex has been talking about apple picking for weeks already and after the peach pie my SIL made last week, I guess you could say we have pie on the brain!

We re-arranged our living room last night. I am not sure I love it, but Alex seems to like it and wants to live with it for a few days, so we are. It's funny how working on your house can feel so satisfying and can change things up for you. Every time I go by Sir Baby's room I peek in at our handy-work and every time I come down stairs and see the new arrangement in the living room it feels like the tiniest little rush. Even though I am not sure I love it, it's new and fresh for the time-being.

We put up the blinds and curtains...ok curtain (singular) the baby's room. Somehow though I KNOW I was checking and double checking this issue, I only got one panel. I THOUGHT it was a good deal! Turns out too that the price of that one panel (we now need another one) has more than doubled in price since I last bought the original a few months ago. What a bummer. If we didn't get SUCH a good deal on our furniture, I'd be more bummed, but as it is, I just ordered the second panel. Honestly, I think they are a little too long, so I may hem them...but I am not going to worry about it too much.

Georgia and I are yet again home-bound. Or at least walk-able-range bound. The car is BACK in the shop. Hopefully for the final treatment. Thankfully we have only been charged for ONE trip to the mechanic so far since no one has been able to help us. And HOPEFULLY this will solve our problems. I don't like not having the car now that I am in the 30's (weeks of pregnancy). Also, if we had any kind of emergency I am not particularly in the position to huff it to any bus stops!

Speaking of being in the 30 weeks. I am SO excited to have this baby! Maybe it's that his room is getting finished, or maybe even that it's fall and I keep saying "I am going to have a baby this fall," or maybe it's just that wow! There's no denying the little bugger in there!

And Georgia has been such a sweetie this weekend. She smiles SO much. And she's been climbing up on the furniture and standing as though she's done it her whole life (kind of...I mean, she's still wobbly, but she POPS right up).

I WAS fantasizing about what my life would be like if we lived in CT because my family is there and my dad just retired and I could say, "Hey Dad, want to join Georgia and I for lunch?" if we lived right there.

But even just working on this one small baby room project makes this house feel even more our own. And that's good.

But anyway...I'm stuck at home more or less (I am not made for big walking trips these days) so if you're bored drop me an email (although wow...I DO owe a lot of people emails...sorry about that...been a tad biz.)

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