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Translocation Trisomy 21/Robertsonian Trisomy 21

Posted Sep 14 2008 4:07pm 2 Comments

One of the cool things of being the blog owner is that you can see all the search terms people put in to get to your page. I have found that a few times every week people find my blog by searching for Translocation 21, Translocation 21;21, Robertsonian Trisomy, Chances of Having a baby with DS with Translocation Trisomy etc.

I would really love to get in contact with more families that have Translocation Trisomy 21! I so far only met 2 people world wide (Hello Melvin and Quinn) with the same type of T21 as Vince. He has the Translocation Trisomy 21,21. I already posted this, but on my old blog. But I find it interesting and I am posting them again. If you look at Bookie’s and mine, you can see that we have just two little dots (that would be chromosomes) by the number 21. On Vincent’s chart you can see that one of the chromosomes is bigger than the other on the 21st, that is because two of chromosome 21 has grown together (creating a little bit more than one chromosome) and then there is another 21 chromosome next to it. That is all it is Translocation Trisomy 21! That tiny little extra chromosome which brings so much extra love. Pretty neato!

Here is Bookie’s, only two tiny chromosome 21, no extra one in case any other breaks…

Here is mine, no extras for me either…

Here is the set up of Prince Vince’s chromosomes, good thing he has one extra chromosome!

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