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Toothbrush lovies

Posted Dec 11 2009 1:04pm
I haven't posted in awhile because, honestly, we are slightly boring.  Which I actually think is nice.  When we got Miss B's diagnosis, I remember wondering if life would ever be "normal" again.  And now I know--the answer is definately yes!  It seems like sometimes people think that because we have a daughter with special needs, that our lives are...I dunno...unusual?  And sometimes, when I sit back and look at our life, it IS fascinating--but most of the time, we are just like everyone else--we wake up, we take T-Man to school, Dr. C goes to work, Fearless, Miss B and I play or go to therapy appointments  (which is really just specialized play-time anyway!), we eat lunch, we have naptime, we pick up T-Man from school, we do homework, we eat dinner, we hang out as a family, the kiddos go to bed, and Dr. C and I take a break.  When you compare that schedule to the schedule of every other family with little kids, it's not that much different.  I'm not sure exactly what I had been expecting during those post-diagnosis pregnancy days, but I am happy that my worst-case-scenario thoughts about my daily life are so very, very different from my reality.  Lately, we've been doing the typical Christmasy stuff--cookie making, decorating, parties, shopping, etc.  Just like we have done every other year--so far the only thing that has been different about this Christmas season is that now I'm buying pink presents too!
Now that I have totally digressed from my original topic of my post, I will get back on track. 

Anyone that has met my children could tell you that Fearless is my wild-card child.  You never really know what you are going to get with him.  This past week, he has started up a new obsession:  toothbrushes. 

It's probably my fault--in my effort to encourage my children to brush their teeth, I have told them that if they don't brush, their teeth will rot (which is true).  T-Man didn't  believe me, so we looked up pictures of rotting teeth on the internet and found some pretty gross teeth.  I failed to leave out the minor detail that it probably would take a little bit of time for the rotting to happen--they think that if they don't brush their teeth one night, they will wake up in the morning with oldy, moldy, rotting teeth.  If they don't come brush their teeth when I ask them too, all I have to say is, "That's fine, we'll just let your teeth rot."  and then they will come running and screaming as if their arm was being cut off.  (Ok, so maybe I overdid the scare tactic just a tad, but they do have nice teeth, and that's what counts, right?)

Fearless has always been a pretty good teeth-brusher--but usually his favorite part is the toothpaste, not the toothbrushes.  Anyway, about a week ago, Dr. C and I went into the bathroom to brush our teeth before bed, and ALL of the toothbrushes were missing.  We checked the floor, the trashcan, the tub, the toilet (thank heavens they weren't there!) the cupboards--everywhere we could think of.  Finally, we decided to check the boys' room, and sure enough, Fearless had them in bed with him, like they were his favorite lovey.  He was totally asleep, so we pryed them out of his hands, washed them thoroughly, and chalked it up to being a three-year-old.  But then it happened the next night, and the next night.  (It would probably still be happening, but Dr. C just decided to hide them at night.)

He is just coming into the scared-of-the-dark-monsters-under-the-bed age--so maybe the toothbrushes are protection from the rotting teeth monster?  Who knows.  Everytime we ask him about it, he gets his guilty grin and says, "I don't know".  I have spotted him playing with them during the day too--petting the bristles, making them "talk" to each other...

I will probably never understand the craze and I really have no idea why he wants them...but I am suspicious of the whole thing...he is a three-year-old after all.  And can I just insert a big YUCK into this??  Who wants a 3-year old loving on their toothbrush??  I think it's time to get new ones.
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