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Toddler Mom

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:36pm

This afternoon did so not go as planned… I originally had Vince scheduled for a hair cut yesterday at 4.30pm, but the store was busy like crazy, and there was not a chance I could leave at 4 as planned. I actually had to call in extra people. Which is good. The darling hair cut lady was able to postpone his appointment till today. there is only one lady good enough to handle my son’s hair. We got there, I had the necessary bribes (juice box and cookies) and we sat down. That was pretty much when he** broke loose. Vince did so not want to get his hair cut, and it is fair to say that he won that battle. Three cuts (during the course of 10 min) was all we could get. The kid was hysterical. No clue why, but clearly throwing a tantrum worth an Oscar. Cause as soon as he realized we were leaving, he was as happy as a lark. Signing and singing all the way home in the car.
So - AGAIN - his hair is only cut in the back. His hair grows like grass. We just had it cut 3 weeks ago, and now it is already way down in his eyes (which he hates).
We got home and I decided to make an apple cake as the garden is full with yummy ripe apples. So we went and picked them, Vince picked them all alone. And he got himself one to eat too. The branches are so low that he could reach them. Inside we went to prepare and too late I discovered there was not enough sugar. I did run upstairs and got some from a neighbor though, so it turned out OK. Vince loved it.
To tip the evening off, we had a major poop issue. Vince was ready to go, sat on the potty but got overly excited while watching Baby Signing Times and wanted to stand up and wave good bye as the train is driving away (My Favorite Thing song), he did this just as he finished his business. The result was not optimal as in where it landed. And of course I could not tell him that as he actually, kind of went, right?
Good stuff being a toddler mom!

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