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Timpanogos Cave

Posted Jul 23 2008 12:00am

Hiking to Timpanogos Cave - what was I thinking? I have a 2 1/2 year old, not a 10 year old. Monday I was planning to drive to Twin Falls to see my dad & stepmom. But first, we decided to take a quick {3 hour} hike to Timpanogos Cave with my mom & my brother's family. I don't recommend carrying a 2 yr old up a STEEP 1 1/2 mile hike, through a cave, down again, and then getting in the car for a 4+ hour drive. However, we made it, I can walk and I don't think my toenails will actually fall off {on the hike down I was pretty certain they would}. And I won't be visiting this cave again until Piper is 10, or they build a road all the way up to the cave.
I fashioned this little 'no-sew' backpack carrier for Piper to ride in {instructions found online here} - it was a lifesaver, since she only hiked about 7 steps and then wanted to be carried!
The cousins.

Grandma Sharron - the best dressed hiker of the group. She carried our water and jackets {I think the backpack cramped her fashion style - sorry Grandma}.

Piper thought the cave formations were wolf teeth and was scared most of the tour and whined that she wanted to go home.

All tuckered out {me, not Piper}.

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