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Time Travel Tuesday ~ Before Your Time Edition

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:18pm

Annie asks: For this week’s time travel we will be traveling back really really far! Travel back to the oldEN days… how did your parents meet?
Well... this will be the test to see if I was paying attention, right Ma? Gosh, I hope I get this right.

Both of my parents are originally from upstate New York, but they met in high school in South Florida. My dad's family moved there when he was six, I think, and my mom's family moved there when she was a teen. My mom always told me how she was attracted to to my father's curl that hung down the middle of his forehead. That's really all I know about how they met, but I will give you an interesting story about when they married. My parents married young. My mom was 16 and my dad was 18. They married on September 11th, 1965? Okay, so not too sure about the year. Because of my mom's age, she had to have someone sign for her to get married so young, and it was a politician who did sign for them. I think it was the mayor if I remember correctly. But once they did get married, my mom was too afraid to tell her dad that she had eloped. So, they each went to their respective homes. Yeah, my poor dad spent his wedding night without his bride!! Two weeks later, my dad finally put his foot down and made her tell her dad. How funny is that?

Today, they are known to us as Nana and Papa. So, Ma, how did I do?
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