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Tieing Up Loose Ends

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:18pm

Looks like there will not be a Time Travel Tuesday post this week. Annie who hosts it, is amazingly having the same problem with her laptop that I had with mine. Something happened with her power cord and when the battery died, that was it. She has ordered a new cord for hers. Hopefully she'll be back by next week.

All of my giveaways will be mailed out today for anybody anxiously waiting for them. Funny thing, out of the 281 entries Gabi could have picked, not only did she pick out Tasha's name (who frequents here), but she also pulled out the names of two people who are related. Giveaways #3 and #4's winners are mother and daughter. How weird was that? Well, it saves me a bit of shipping costs.

I think I forgot to thank Dori for sending me a couple of books to read. She has been reading a series of books and thought I would be interested in them, too. One of the characters in the book has Down syndrome. Thanks Dori! I started reading the first one today.

Tomorrow, I am taking Preston to get his pictures done. He is 10 months old and other than his hospital picture (which was horrible by the way), he has never had pictures done. Bad Mommy!

Today, the kids are out of school. Jeremy says it's because it's an election day. I am not sure if I will be voting yet. I know one person running and that's it. As a matter of fact he came through my neighborhood on Gabi's birthday to encourage people to vote for him. I was actually outside with Gabi attempting to get her to ride her bike at the time he walked up to our house. He is the brother of our realtor when we bought our house.
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