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Those Eyes

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:28pm

Aiden had an appointment with Dr. Pediatric Opthamologist today. First thing this morning.

Aiden woke up shortly before 7am, when I had to dilate his eyes. In order to dilate Aiden's eyes, I must lay Aiden on the floor, straddle Aiden to hold his arms/hands down with my legs, use one hand to hold open the eye and the other hand to quickly squeeze one drop of dilating solution into his eye.

And since it is summer, the sun is shining at 7:15, by the time we must leave and Aiden's eyes are dilated. Aiden also refuses to wear his sunglasses.

When we got to the office, Aiden played with the Duplo blocks and mastered putting them in the big yellow container. This is good, Aiden can now pick up his own toys when he is finished playing with them....

We get back into the exam room and the nurse comments on how blue Aiden's eyes must be because by this time, his eyes are big black circles. She manages to piss Aiden off trying to get him to track an infant toy, one of which we have, but Aiden refuses to play with as it is for "babies". And she keeps trying to grab his head to hold it still.

Then Dr. Pediatric Opthamologist comes in with Student Dr. So-and-So. Again, more of the head grabbing. Aiden hates for his head to be touched...

We discuss the clogged tear duct issue. Aiden is cleared to go under as long as it is at the same hospital that Dr. Cardiologist has privileges and the cardiac anesthesiologist does the "going under". But, he'll leave the decision to me. With Aiden's heart issues, going under even for minor surgery is a big deal. The tear duct probing is a simple 12 minute procedure. However, we're going to wait another year to see if the tear duct clogging resolves itself.

Also, 6 months ago, Aiden was far-sighted. This time, he's near-sighted. Well, no biggie. Everyone in my family happens to be near-sighted. So, Aiden will be eventually be getting glasses. Hopefully, I'll be able to get him a pair from Specs 4Us and the frames will fit him.

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