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This, That, Loolees (a.k.a. blowing wind), Christmas, & Discipline

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:44pm

Lilgnome I have to say, for all the getting used to it I have been talking about, Rainer is a pretty easy-going little guy. He's a grump, he doesn't much like doing anything other than boobin' out and boppin', but when he gets his way, he's at least a pretty darned content little grump!

I guess, really, it's not so much that he's grumpy. He's just so,so,so,so serious. It's really pretty funny. I wonder what he'll be like when he's a little older. I really like him. I know that might sound like a funny thing to say about your newborn child--you'd think of course I do, he's my kid, right?--but I dunno', it's just true. I like him. I get a kick out of him. He drives me slightly batty (like when he's simultaneously trying to lunge for my boob and blocking it with his claw-y little fingers (those newbies sure don't have much limb control yet, do they??! And no matter how often you trim their nails they just keep growing and growing and growing and getting all dagger-y!), or when he INSISTS-- INSISTS --on being jiggled LONG after my arms have gotten tired. But he's a pip, just like his sister.
One thing where he and his sister differ, however, is in the output department. This kid is his father's son (whereas Georgia--whether she likes it or not--is her mother's daughter).

Rainer poops like clockwork almost every night between 3 and 5am. He grunts and farts and contorts his face and that's when things just explode! Georgia, on the other hand, while she pooped fairly regularly when she was still on breastmilk, has never had much luck in department number two, if you're pickin' up what I'm laying down. (See...this is why mommy blogging is called into question.) Anyhow. He's a farter alright. You should see how HAPPY it makes him. Last night he literally shook his little leg before letting it rip--each of three times!

I dare say we have established a bit of a schedule even. Though, ok, at three weeks, I hardly expect it's going to stick forever or anything, but he's been a good little sleeper. He'll stay up for an hour or two at a time several times in the day and he's up for usually a goodly chunk of time in the evenings somewhere between 4ish and 9ish, but he's backed off a little on the marathon feeding. I am now thinking some of that must have been his 7-10day growth spurt, but between the three of us (Rainer, myself, and Alex) we've gotten him to lay off the boobage a little at night. It was becoming pretty clear to me that he was pacifying an awful lot. He'd be so full he'd spit up and so we've tried other ways to calm him and make him feel secure. He's not a real fan of the pacifier, but that will occasionally work. Really, the next best thing (in his mind) from the boob, is bippin', boppin', and butt taps. He also likes to be swaddled, though he's been asserting himself there too and occasionally demands his hands free.

Anyhow, he'll sleep between 3 and 4.5 hours at a stretch over night, so after our 9 or 10pm-ish feeding, he'll typically only get up twice in the night. The hard part is that late night/early morning (sometime between 3 and 5am) feeding because that's when he typically poops which wakes him up a fair bit and then he doesn't always want to go back to sleep. It's hard for me, I mean, because if he stays up for any length of time it feels like only a matter of minutes before Georgia will be hollering away for her wake up routine. He doesn't ALWAYS stay up, but I do feel a little weary about that second feeding of the night. Of course, I say all this, and really, it's a relative schedule and it's only been SOMEWHAT consistent. I's been 3 much stock can I put into it when the "routine" has only really panned out a handful of times?

Either way, I get a good sleep vibe from him. I think we'll manage. For now.

He had his first fully immersed bath today. Even though he lost his umbilical cord a week ago, I was still doing sponge baths every couple of days. I don't really know why, but today was his first full on 1stbath dunk. I was scared he was going to hate it, but although he cried when I stripped him of all his clothes, when I dipped him in the warm water, he was immediately happy and content. He stayed in for a good 15 mintues or so and got a good thorough cleaning. He's still losing a ton of skin, so I think bathing every 3 days or so is a good plan for him. My skin has been wicked dry lately, so I don't want him to dry up.

Georgia was very interested, so she "helped supervise" before being brought upstairs for her own shower with her dad. (Don't mind our morning hair and PJs (or the food in the sink that still needs to be dumped in the disposal) in this picture.)

We had a pretty productive day today, I'd say--what the hay, okay? Sha-nay-nay? a little carried aWAY.

(Hee hee.)

Here's Rainer zoning out to some static on the radio--we Static discovered today that it's a good little trick for calming him down when neither of us can hold him because we are busy rearranging the entire house. He seemed to like it--the quirky little bugger.

Anyhow. Thanksgiving is this week. What the--?!?! How'd THAT happen??? How'd we go from MY DUE DATE CAN'T COME FAST ENOUGH to HOLY HECK IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS??

I'm happy to report that we have my two sisters, and my niece and nephew coming into town on Tuesday for Thanksgiving (they plan on doing all the cooking. WORD.) and then on Friday Alex's sister is coming in for 10 days! Just knowing I am not going to be alone with the two kiddos for almost two weeks??? Priceless! As it is, I feel like we're getting into a BIT of a groove. But boy is this going to help me out a lot! My SIL will be here for two doctors appointments I have with the kids which is a HUGE relief. She will either be able to stay home with one of the kids or come along to help me with the two. Thank goodness!

And Christmas. OK. I admit, I'm a tad stressed about Christmas--surprising, eh? Sadly, we are not going to actually SEE any of our extended family--which on the one hand takes some pressure off because, for instance, my family and I are waiting on exchanging gifts so we can do it all together hopefully when they come to visit sometime in February when the kids (their's, not mine) are on winter break. (Read: Don't have to buy all our gifts at once. I can barely even THINK about good ideas for presents this year.)

But...I am still feeling stressed. It's not so much present shopping--we're doing REAL small this year, while the kids are little and we can without feeling bad about it (although hopefully we'll always sort of keep it modest...we don't need to be going into debt over the whole thing, now do we? That's not what it's about.) I dunno', I guess just knowing it'll just be us, while nice, is also a little sad.

Alex and I are going to try and make it as special as possible for just the four of us though. We're going to have a nice dinner that day and I already bought some decorations and some red & green M & Ms and we strung up some Christmas lights in the living room this evening because hey! Who doesn't like the glow of a few Christmas lights??

We're not entirely sure what to do about a tree yet. I'd love to have a full size real one like we've had the last few years--although, come to think of it, last year, we were in Ireland--but there was still a full size tree! We're a little leery of grabby-hands Georgia though, so we're toying with the idea of getting either a mini fake tree (maybe a pink one!) or perhaps one of those small potted trees. Something we can put up on a table so that Georgia won't get it in her head to knock it down and break all the decorations.

I dunno. We're still thinking on it. I suppose too, and not just because of the tree situation, it's time to really start teaching Georgia the meaning of the word 'no'. It'd really come in handy these days. We've got a lot of catching up to do, a lot of disciplining to start in on, a lot of rules to start enforcing. I'm not good at this part of parenting--I know it already. For one, I've never had to do it, and for two...I'm a pushover.

However, it's time. Georgia is...well...she's got a lot of moxy, that one.  It's time we teach her to do things like keep her hands to herself, be gentle (we're working on this), and, just chill out sometimes! But also, we're going to start in with some other rules cleaning up her toys at the end of the day, saying please and thank you (or signing them), like NOT throwing her food (it's a good thought in theory, right???). And really...just in general, we have to start giving her more responsibility.

I think it's time.

And speaking of time. My's like I don't have a ton of sleep to catch up on or something. I'm outty five thousand.


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