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This Is What Happens When......

Posted Sep 12 2008 3:56am 1 Comment

You stick out the hand WITHOUT the mitt on it to catch the ball.....

My arm really isn't that fluffy.....just swollen.....

This was taken just after we spent the majority if the night in the ER deciding if I was going to need surgery or not. Thank heavens they decided NOT!!!

Needles to say, one dislocated knuckle, a broken finger, and some damaged tendons and muscles means I won't be making that mistake EVER again. I am right handed too, oh how I miss that hand.

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Same Thing HAppened To Me From Fighting This Girl And I Missed Her 3 Times And Broke My Finger First Next MIss My Knuckles Next Miss 2 Places In My Pinky.. Spent A Night In The Hospital Had Surgery On My Pinky Because The Bone Went Side Ways So They Had To Straighten It Back In Place... Its Hurts ALOT.. Lol.. Now Im Attending Therapy For My Hand Cause I HAve No Muscle In It Anymore And Pinky Is Like Dead From Having The Cast On For So Long..
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