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Things that Melt My Heart

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:06pm
1. Kellen's cousin Sadie is three and a half. She has always been fascinated with Kellen, but also scared of him. If it has been awhile since she's seen can take her a long time to warm up. Earlier this week we stopped over to her house for a visit. Sadie was excited to show Kellen the birdfeeder she made and so I suggested she grab his hand and bring him over to see it. The site of the two of them holding hands walking through the backyard melted my heart.

2. Tuesday when I got home from work I peeked into the family room and Kellen was sitting on the couch with his baseball hat on backwards, holding the television remote in both hands and pushing buttons. He looked just like every other 17 year old texting away. This scene made me smile and melted my heart.

3. Today after work I met Sweet Husband in the hospital parking lot to do the Kellen hand-off. I had my car window down as did S. H. I called through the windows, "What's new pussycat?" and Kellen sang back, "Whoa Whoa Whoa-o". Not quite Tom Jones...but it melted my three places.

Winter is finally over and Spring is here. My heart is melting.
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