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"The Scissors Cut My Hair"

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:06pm
That was the response I got, when I realized the end of Emma Sage's one long braid had been snipped. Yes, my daughter cut her hair. Thankfully it was after the hair tie and only a little bit, but my heart paused at first.

You see, one of the little guys I watch did that to himself over the weekend [and exactly the reason I know that Emma Sage decided to 'try' it herself].....except, he is bald. Cutting it all over the top of his head to the skin. His Mother tried the best she could to camouflage it....but his constant itching of his head is a tell tale sign of the damage that was done.

Then, I saw that one of our online friends daughters did the same thing last week.....except, she really took a hunk out of her hair [to look like Zack and Cody from the Disney channel show].......and her Momma was able to work with the angle cut she did to create a cute doo !!!!

So, I'm breathing a sigh of relief.....after a very serious conversation of why we are to NEVER do that again.

But I'm not leaving it to chance......I just did a scissor run and all scissors are up and away. [we have art bins that all the children use freely and that is where she got her pair from.

But you do have to admit, her response was quite it was not her who cut her hair, but 'The Scissors Cut My Hair"
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