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The ride continues… [Down syndrome, preschool]

Posted Jul 16 2010 9:45pm

I’m tired, and it’s late, and I had a nice evening so I want to go to bed with that peace to put me to sleep.

But I wanted to share the latest in the school saga.

Remember when I said yesterday that things can change quickly?  Late today the school called, a different contact, one that is more familiar with us and a person I respect for the work she’s done for us before.  She told me that after talking with a very wonderful member of Braska’s team and others at the school, they’ve decided Braska WILL be moved to a morning class.  I don’t know the details yet, who her teacher will be, if it will be an “early 3’s” class or a “3’s” class.  I told her I’d prefer the “early 3’s” option, and she was surprised.  But I feel like that would allow Braska to learn from her classmates, both those with IEPs and those without, and she wouldn’t be quite so much smaller,  possibly. (We’ve had some issues related to this, but I’ll have to talk about that later.)

I’ll know more next week.  We’re still thinking through everything.  But I’m glad that the school was able to make this adjustment.  It’s only right, in my opinion, to offer an option that will allow the child to succeed. I do appreciate their efforts.

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