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The Purple People Eater

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:30pm
Aiden went to see Dr. Pediatrician this morning for the spots in his mouth. And it is thrush. She gave us two options for treatment - Nystatin or "Painting him purple."

Nystatin is 2mL 4 times a day with a syringe. That isn't going to happen. Aiden HATES syringes.

So, I asked how quickly the other stuff worked. Dr. Pediatrician said it works pretty quick and just as effective. Aiden got painted purple, literally. The nurse came in with 2 swabs, I held him down and she painted the inside of his mouth with Gentian Violet.

And it stains. Aiden's mouth is stained violet. I kept thinking to myself the line from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Violet ate that blueberry bubble gum and started to turn violet "Violet, you've gone violet!" The staining has spread a little from drooling, but he's not totally violet yet.

In other Aiden health news....

Being sick this entire month, a certain little boy has lost weight. If he can't keep it down, he's not going to keep it on his lack of a butt. So, he has lost 9 oz since his last visit 2 weeks ago. Hmmm, not good. REALLY NOT GOOD!!! Dr. Pediatrician wants to see him back in 2 weeks for a weight check. If he hasn't gained it back, she is pushing for the g-tube and fundo placement surgery. ***Banging head on keyboard here***

Since Dr. General Surgeon who likes to play with hearts and thinks I am an "ungrateful, unreasonable b#itch" is the only one here willing to do the surgery and everyone else will default to him, I asked if we could go to OU Children's. She agreed. It didn't take long to convince her of my choice of surgeons. I mentioned his name, she shook her head and consented. (I love doctors who agree with me.)

It isn't like I didn't expect this to happen. After all, Dr. Pediatric Cardiologist has threatened this for 2+ years. We've just been able to put it off since Aiden has been gaining weight. Granted he still doesn't even register on the Down syndrome growth chart, but he was gaining weight. Enough to avoid a surgery.

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