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The Outfit My Daughter is Wearing in these Photos is Totally Something I Would Have Been Sporting in the '70s

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:14pm

I have learned that one of Georgia's new favorite positions is the pre-cursor to what is known as the bear crawl. Pretty cool since we consider ourselves the brown bear family! She spends a great deal of the day with her shiny hiney in the air.
Not that I am one to talk, but supposedly this type of commando crawl is a major fat-burner, which is good because Georgia seems to be gaining a few pregnancy sympathy pounds! Look at that belly!
She's been doing really well with eating all of a sudden and it is coming as quite a relief! I was (still am) getting worried about her and her texture issues, but we are weaning her off baby food and she is really getting the hang of some new textures. We now only use the baby food that we happen to have left over as a sort of "mix-in". I realize this is probably late in coming, but she was REALLY averse to some of those new textures.

Now though, she is getting hang of using her teeth (for more than just gnashing together to annoy her mum) and one of her favorite things to eat is pineapple chunks. She is also finally eating Goldfish and Cheerios (as opposed to just spitting them out once she gums them a little). As a result, once the baby-baby comes out she and I will be hitting the gym together! Until then, our favorite thing to do is kick back with a good book.
Personally, I also enjoy admiring her totally hip hair-do. Especially the entirely un-ironic short long she is sporting. The back curl is to die for.

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