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The Irritating Phase

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:25pm

We've gotten to the Irritating Phase of our remodel.

First was the Gasp Phase where the demolition started and we looked around thinking "Oh no...what have we done? What have we gotten ourselves into?" This was a very short phase.

Then came a very, very long Survival Mode Phase . This was the phase where we were living in squalor . Holes in the floor, holes in the ceiling...sitting in our house freezing.

After this phase, came the Frantic Pack Everything Up Phase . This phase was no fun at all. We had to put everything we had into boxes and move it into the garage or the portable storage unit sitting in our driveway. This phase was quickly followed by the Evacuate the House Phase where we stayed in a hotel for five nights while the floors were put in. The hotel wasn't half bad.

After the Evacuate Phase was the Hopeful Phase . This is the part where we moved back in, saw our new floors and things looked much better. The appliances, counters, cabinets starting appearing and all was good.

Now we find ourselves in the Irritated Phase which threatens to cross the border into the Extremely Irritated Phase . This is the phase where a lot has been done, but nothing is finished . Our contractor has mainly moved on to another job site while he waits for the cabinet guys to fix all of their errors so that he can put in the microwave and the range. In the meantime his equipment is all over our kitchen, living room and dining room. I can no longer see my beautiful kitchen tile or hardwood floors because they are covered up with sheet rock, tarps, what-have-you in order to protect the floor for when the range gets moved into position.

Much has been done, but only our two bedrooms are habitable, and none of our rooms are completely finished and put back together.

I'm hoping to get to the Party Phase soon. I'll let you know.
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