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The Horrors of Physical Therapy

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:27pm

Aiden doesn't like physical therapy. He likes his therapist; he just doesn't think that, being as cute as he is, he should have to do anything.

Aiden will pout. Aiden will fake cry (and we know he is faking it because he rubs his eyes then looks up to see if Karrie or myself will show any sympathy). Aiden can turn on the alligator tears like a faucet. Aiden will climb up Karrie for a hug. Yes, he knows how to work that cuteness.

Yesterday, we worked on standing.

Karrie places Aiden between her legs and makes him stand up. Why Aiden has a problem with this, I'm not really sure. He will try and try to stand up at the bathtub. He tries to stand up to the trash can and the dirty clothes hamper.

And Karrie put him in the gait trainer.


Afterwards, he had a two hour tantrum with nonstop screaming and body flinging.

Low muscle tone, my butt.

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