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The Flower Shop

Posted Apr 08 2013 12:00am
Last week, Kennedy lost one of her baby teeth. She was so excited because she knows that means money! Usually, when Kennedy wakes up and finds her tooth gone and money under her pillow, she comes to show us and excitedly says, "Let's go to CLAIRE'S!" where she usually picks out a new headband, a sparkly notebook or some new earrings. This time however, she decided she wanted to go to a flower shop and buy pink flowers. She's had a huge interest in flowers lately and has been saying she wants to have her own flower shop when she grows up. I'm not sure what prompted this new hobby as my thumb is most definitely NOT green, but the girl definitely has a mind of her own. :)

This morning Kennedy had a GI appointment so when we were done, we decided that we'd go find a flower shop so she could pick out some flowers...

Sitting in front of the flower shop

She went in, looked around and spotted this plant which she decided that she wanted. She paid for it with her tooth fairy money (and a little help from me with a debit card) and was so excited to have her plant. The florist gave her watering instructions so we'll see how long this thing stays alive. Hopefully her thumb is greener than mine is! ;) 

Who knows, maybe one day we can hang this picture in "Kennedy's Flower Shop" to show how she got her first plant! 
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