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Taking Inventory~ the important stuff

Posted Sep 20 2013 12:04am
The other day
I was talking
to a lady who
lost her houseand most of her belongingsin the Black Forest Fire.
She said that while it wasincredibly sad,she took itas a chance tostart over.She said itmade her thinkabout the uselessstuff she hadaccumulated overthe years.How she hadwasted time, moneyand energy on thingsthat just didn't matter.
Our conversationreally made me think.We don't need towait for somethingdisastrous to happen to make the decision totake inventory ofour lives.
Every single dayis a new chance tostart over andre-prioritize. 

Is it time todeclutter? 
Our closets?
Our houses? And more importantly,our relationships? 

Who are we choosingto spend time with?To spendour energy on?
  I already know
this stuff,  
but sometimes
I need to be reminded.

We need to protect
our souls.

We need to steer 
clear of...
People who constantly
tear others down.
People who are
unwilling to forgive.
People who like
to keep things
stirred up.

We need to focusour time on... People who look for
the good in others.People who choose tospread love.People who 
avoid drama. 

And then we need
to look at ourselves
and make sure we are
looking for thegood in others,spreading loveand avoiding drama.

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