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Takin care of business.

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:47pm
Well, we are about 1 week away from our departure for the summer. Cottage here we come! It had better warm up before we get there, it's annoying to think that things are colder than normal in cottage country because people want to fully dispense with all the fleece and cuddly type wear.

Will had his very first dental appointment yesterday and was very cooperative and got the all-clear and about 7 stickers, a new toothbrush and some little flossing sticks. Oh, and a ball from the treasure chest that he, a little too enthusiastically, threw at the hygenist. Today was Will's annual check-up and again, got the all clear and our wonderful pediatrician hooked us up with two other local families who include a member *with a little extra*. I hope to touch base with them at the end of the summer.

Anyway, because it's summer and the time for all that relaxing summer-time reading, I wanted to remind everyone that I will again be running the "Get Caught Reading" contest in the fall and would we love to see lots of picture submissions! So, keep your cameras handy and in the meantime, I'll get together the prizes!

I will be popping into the blog here and there, when I get a chance to borrow a computer. Summer pictures will have to wait until our return in August as I'm sure it's bad form to upload all types of photo hardware/software on a borrowed computer.

I hope you all have a fun, safe summers. I will be checking into my regular bloggy haunts while I'm Canada.

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